SKU: 95852-03-07/ Y554

Aim for your best performance wearing the Arrow T-shirt, and we promise you that’s a target you won’t miss. This breathable short sleeve t-shirt is designed to exude your confidence, energy, and aspiration in order to deliver next-level results. Made from lightweight material of 100% polyester and manufactured with a straight hem, this regular fit fitness shirt allows you to freely move your body to endure any reps. Created with set-in sleeves, a crew neck, and physique accentuating materials, this durable gym top boasts and cools down your body to keeps you focused for your next intense workout session. If you are looking to follow a winner’s path, then this tee is the arrow heading towards the right direction, with the Winnerforce slogan to encourage you along the way.

Barcodes of raw materials being used: 11189-07

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