SKU: 95908-03-01/ Y168


It takes the Brave Pants to move closer toward your goals. If you wear these sweatpants, then you’ll have the best of both fitness and casual clothes world. The Brave Joggers will give you a laid-back silhouette with the comfort to push through at the gym or lay around on your couch thanks to its lightweight of 100% cotton. These soft regular fit bottoms are designed with two secure YKK zipped side pockets to store your essentials, and raglan waistband and cuffs for a stay-put feel to rest around or run laps with maximum focus. The best feature? The heat-sealed Winnerforce graphic makes your fitness identity loud and clear. Stay in place as you move around freely.  

Barcodes of raw materials being used: 11452-01 / 11453-01

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