SKU: 95757-03-09/ Y408


Whether you are a serious lifter or someone looking for a shirt to wear while watching Netflix, the Memento Sweatshirt is perfect for you. In a classy minimalist design, this timeless sweatshirt will never go out of style nor out of anyone’s mind, with its comfy regular fit, paired with a crew neck and ribbed cuffs and hem; giving you a relaxed, easy feel and making it everyone’s favorite easy-to-wear piece. Its fleece construction will ensure it moves as you move; an effortless workout session. Pair it with any of our Winnerforce sweatpants or leggings for maximum comfort and fashion.

P.S: If you’re looking for a more loose, oversized fit, you can always order one size larger!

Barcodes of raw materials being used: 10980-09 / 10981-09

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