SKU: 95758-08-09/ Y568

When it’s time for a heavy lift or a long plank, the Memento Hoodie will accompany you till you achieve glory and success. Push yourself to the maximum, warm-up, or even spend a night by the fire, eating marshmallows in this super soft fleece fabric that allows complete movement, support, and the best of all: comfort! This oversized three-piece hood with an adjustable drawcord and kangaroo pocket to the front is made for you to endure any fitness session with maximum exertion without restriction. Now for all the fashion lovers out there, paired with ribbed cuffs and hem, this hoodie has a surprise for you: a dipped hem for a sleek, comfy silhouette.

Barcodes of raw materials being used: 10980-09 / 10981-09

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