SKU: 95807-07-12/ R89

Big and roomy in all the right ways, the wrecked T-Shirt is always a  choice for an intense workout session or a casual outing with friends. The oversized flattering fit allows you to elevate your performance and style, making it the perfect combination between streetwear and sportswear. This hyper-relaxed tee isn’t just baggy, it’s also great for stretching ever so easily. Wearing this short sleeve t-shirt made with 95% cotton and 5 % elastane is like wearing a feather, only much lighter since it is made with an extremely soft cotton-elastane blend that moves as you move freely. Featuring a crew neck, a straight hem, a Winnerforce tab code, and a graphic logo to the chest, so you can spread your Winner energy anywhere, everywhere.

Barcodes of raw materials being used: 11258-12 / 11259-12

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