SKU: 95787-04-05/ V09


The Zeus Jacket, called after the Greek God of the Sky, feels as light as a feather with its 100% polyester. Escape the ordinary in this fitness jacket, made to spend a day out and about or doing push-ups without overheating on the gym floor. It is equipped with ribbed cuffs, full YKK zip to the front and a high neckline for extra swag. Always answer the training call in this comfortable and durable training jacket and in true Zeus power, enhance your performance and exercise like a lightning bolt during any given session. Winnerforce’s printed signature logo and an embroidered contrasting side stripe piping down the leg also elevate the design for a modern final touch. True to its name, the sky’s the limit in this jacket!

Barcodes of raw materials being used: 10145-05 / 10163-01

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