SKU: 95788-03-01/ Y23

$13.00 $18.00

Summon the power and style of a mighty Greek God in the Zeus Pants. These fitness pants will make sure you’ll overcome all obstacles thanks to their durable, lightweight 100 % polyester, and loose drawcord waistband that lets you move freely and comfortably. These elegant pants feature everything you need to walk into the gym and finish your reps in full confidence with its flattering regular fit and two open side pockets for extra storage. Winnerforce’s printed signature logo and an embroidered contrasting side stripe piping down the leg also elevate the design for a modern final touch. Plus, its fabric will provide you with warmth on cold rainy days, and you can pair it with its matching jacket to complete the tracksuit!

Barcodes of raw materials being used: 10145-01 / 10163-01

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