How do you make the most of your workouts?

Winnerforce suggests these tips to help you improve your workouts:

1. Have a plan: never go to the gym and start copying other people’s workouts because not everyone has the same strength or needs. Plan your workout ahead and include what is best for your body.

2. Warm up: you cannot go hard on your body from the start, as this will lead to an injury. You should warn your body before starting an intense activity. You can do some light cardio or stretch a bit.

3. Do not overdo it: just because someone is lifting heavy weights or running fast on the treadmill does not mean you have to as well. Listen to your body and see what suits you best.

4. Get enough sleep: if you are well rested, you will certainly experience a better workout and be full of energy.

5. Wear comfortable clothes: you want to feel at ease while working out, so wear something stretchy that helps with your movements and does not stand in your way.
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