How to motivate yourself to going to the gym?

“I absolutely hate exercises. There is no way anyone could convince me to work
How many times have you heard someone complain about not wanting to go to
the gym? How many times did you come up with every excuse every excuse
in the book not to exercise or show up? How many times did you pay a gym
membership fee, only to end up going for three days straight then skipping the
entire month?
There is this universal conception dreading gym corridors, fitness halls, and
cardio equipment. A large number of people are completely disconnected from
any kind of fitness commitment. Others sometimes just fall of the fitness
wagon, lose all motivation and fail to find a way to get themselves back on
track. And you know that exercising is good for you, yet you find it’s no
easy ask.
But why? Why does everyone depict working out in such a scary
unapproachable way? Why did we build such a high wall between us and
getting in shape?
Here at Winnerforce, we say enough is enough: it’s time to rekindle your
relationship with fitness, rethink your prejudgments about training, and get
really fired up all on your own!
Let’s start with the basics: despite having a variety of motivations for
attending the gym such as losing weight, toning up and good mental
health, people often find many reasons to skip workouts altogether.
It is recommended to get in at least three gym time a week for 30-60
minutes, but in reality, a lot of people are falling short of this goal, even
though they know the benefits of training.
Something is setting off and killing our fitness mojo: could be lack of
confidence, lack of time, being lazy or maybe the cost of gym membership
per month… the list goes on and on.
Each time you gather up the will and convince yourself to actually go,
some internal demotivating dialogue intervenes. Yet you need to realize
that negative thoughts are not your friend; they will only slow your
progress and personal growth down.
If you’ve been working hard on sculpting your body for a while now, your
body might give in until feel like you can’t be bothered to do anything. In
that case it is normal to take some rest days in order to recharge your
athletic battery up. However, giving up completely and turning 7 days of
rest into 7 months of laziness is not okay.

If you’re one of those people then keep on reading, because it’s time to bring
out your fitness gear and pop up for that cardio sweat sesh with methods that are
just the right fit to properly motivate you back into a healthy fitness routine:

1. Good Music
Powerful music is a melodic way to boost your energy and get your sports
groove on. Design a motivational and performance-enhancing playlist with
songs that have a strong beat to run at the beat of that music for example. Chose
songs that have inspiring lyrics to help you lift those heavy weights, or to get
you through this one-minute plank. Listening to music while exercising has
proved to be very effective as it increases your stamina and isolates you from
the problems of world, transferring you into your own athletic planet.

2. Dress up in full workout gear, even if you feel weary and tired
Fancy dresses mean fancy galas. Sweatpants and hoodies mean Netflix and
chill. Blazers mean work… Likewise, workout clothes mean intense fitness
sessions. Our brains have a tendency to link the clothes we wear to the part
they were design to fulfill. Dressing up in full workout gear could guilt you
into going for a run and can trick your brain into convincing you to head out
the door and onwards to the gym. Wearing leggings and a sports bra could
fuel your ambitions, and put you in a training mood. Plus, make sure you buy
new comfortable clothes to maximize feeling good about yourself, and you’ll
be ready to hit the gym.
P.S.: If you’re worried about finding the right fitness fits, and check our
website for the best high-quality sportswear, and get
properly motivated!
3. Find a gym partner
While some people prefer to work out alone (good for them!), others might need
an extra push with the help of joint workout with a gym buddy. It can be very
beneficial and inspirational to have a friend you can count on to drag you to
your training. Plus, you’ll less likely skip your aerobics class if you already
made plans with someone to attend. It is reassuring to know someone is there to
never take you off the hook on a pre-agreed upon session and to make sure you
never slither off into old habits. And a friendly little competition never hurt
anyone: seeing your friend all excited and running at full speed will drive you
towards elevating your performance as well, thus giving you the motivation you

need to achieve your goals. It is exciting to share your fitness journey and
progress with someone. You’ll also be able to share fitness tips and celebrate
each other’s victories, so it’s a win-win all around.

4. Set up a reward system
The most reliable way to stay motivated is to strive towards a certain goal, a
new athletic vision, a better you. Knowing that you are working to accomplish
something will make you think twice before thinking about skipping leg day.
Try to reward yourself with something you like with each little victory you
achieve. It can be anything from cheat meals in return for two weeks of nonstop
cardio, to getting a new fitness t-shirt to compliment your sculpted body in
progress. Avoid giving yourself these specific rewards unless you succeed in
meeting your desired gym visits. Over time, your brain will begin to associate
sweat and pain with a feeling of “yes, I did it” rush, until the brain reaches the
point where it realizes the heavy session itself is the reward.
5. Partake in different and new fitness classes
Who says lifting weights and running on the treadmill are the only sports
activities you can engage in to meet your fitness aspirations? Thankfully, there
are alternative ways of getting fit that don’t involve the gym if you’re one of
those people who loathe them. You can try different physical activities you
actually enjoy such as spinning, kickboxing, aerobics, Pilates, high intensity
interval training (HIIT)… You can lose weight in any of these classes, while
also making new friends along the way to feel more invested and consistent,
because let’s face it, the high fives and the “you can do it” from the bonds you
make with people is more motivating than a coach screaming in your ear.

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