Winnerforce opens its doors in the heart of Citymall Beirut

Excitement filled the air on August 5, 2023, as Winnerforce proudly launched its newest store in CityMall Beirut.

The grand opening was nothing short of spectacular, with ambassadors and a vibrant crowd coming together to celebrate this momentous occasion.

Happy faces adorned the event, creating a lively atmosphere as attendees explored our extensive collections, embracing the opportunity to get their latest favorite gym attire. The store buzzed with energy as people indulged in the thrill of discovering trendy sportswear.

Adding a punch to the festivities, a riveting boxing tournament took place right in front of the store, underscoring the significance of sports and inspiring everyone to embrace a more active lifestyle. The cheers and excitement echoed through the mall, leaving an indelible mark on the day's festivities.

The success of this grand opening is a testament to Winnerforce's commitment to providing top-notch sportswear. As we revel in the triumph of this event, Winnerforce extends a warm invitation for you to join us at upcoming gatherings.

Stay tuned for more exciting events, and let Winnerforce be your go-to destination for athletic wear!

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What an electrifying celebration! Winnerforce has truly set the bar high with its spectacular grand opening at CityMall Beirut. The energy, excitement, and vibrant atmosphere described in this blog make me feel like I was part of the festivities.

It’s inspiring to see a brand not only showcase an extensive collection of trendy sportswear but also create an experience that goes beyond shopping. The inclusion of a boxing tournament right in front of the store adds a dynamic touch, emphasizing the importance of embracing an active lifestyle.

The commitment to providing top-notch sportswear is evident, and the success of the grand opening is a well-deserved triumph. Congratulations to Winnerforce! I’m excited to explore the store and be a part of upcoming gatherings. It’s clear that Winnerforce is not just a destination for athletic wear but a hub for fostering a community of active and enthusiastic individuals.

Looking forward to staying tuned for more exciting events and making Winnerforce my ultimate go-to for all things athletic! 🎉💪 #WinnerforceLaunch #ActiveLifestyle #FashionForwardFitness

tiger November 21, 2023

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